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Amazing Educators!

Speaking and Magic for Educators in Omaha!

Omaha Magician Arthur Fratelli

I love bringing my presentation to audiences of all ages, but performing for principals and superintendents is always a blast! 

Last week I was able to bring my comedy magic show to a group of Nebraska superintendents at Educational Services Unit #3 where I dissected the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.  The presentation was equal parts magic, comedy, and motivation. 


Click here to buy a copy from Barnes and Nobles (because Amazon has enough business).

Why Magic?

Magic is a type of psychology and the more you dive into magic-the more you realize that audiences’ attention craves novelty!

That is to say-people listen best while watching! That’s why I put on a visually engaging magical show that keeps the audience involved. 

With “skills I have acquired over a long career” (read that again in Liam Neeson’s voice) I was able to demonstrate the concepts in Atomic Habits with various skills from the world of magic, mentalism, and a bit from the world of juggling (the photo above is me balancing a golf ball on a golf tee on my nose-this is what happens when your parents don’t buy you video games-lol).


Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur gets an audience to laugh.

Professional Speaking for Professionals

Whatever your event is and no matter the age of the audience-I am ready to make your guests laugh, scratch their heads, and realize just how amazing they truly are! 

You can visit my speaking website for more information on the different presentations for professional organizations- 

Family or Corporate event-whatever presentation fits your needs-my only concern is to make your event AMAZING!

Do I Still Do Kids' Magic Shows in Omaha?

Kids laughing and pointing at magician

As most of my speaking engagements are on weekdays and evenings, I am often available for kids’ magic shows in the Omaha area on weekends and for school assemblies. As a former teacher, I have been performing magic shows in the Omaha area for over twenty years and I don’t plan on quitting now! 

Get in touch with me at [email protected] to make your next party amazing!

The Amazing Arthur

A certified hypnotherapist with a degree in education and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation. Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, hypnosis, magic, mentalism, juggling, and stage presenting.

The result is a stage presentation that leaves crowds realizing how amazing each of us can be!

You can reach Arthur at [email protected] or text him at 402.597.2579