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Hypnotist Extraordinaire

Omaha's Most Popular Comedy Hypnotist

90 Minutes
Of Mind Blowing Laughter


 The Amazing Arthur Comedy Hypnosis show is always a hit. With 22 years of stage performances,  Arthur guides volunteers through their imagination to unlock their comedy personas.

It’s an interactive dive into the subconscious that makes everyone a comedy rock star!

A Full Time Professional Entertainer

Arthur performed his first comedy hypnosis show in 1998. Since then he has taken the stage hypnotizing audience members at corporate events, high school post proms/graduate safe events, colleges, and fairs and festivals.

Wherever Arthur goes, the Comedy Hypnosis Show is always a hit.

Add the "AMAZING” Factor to Your Event

From turning people into “karate masters” to the “complaining Karens.” Arthur’s comedy hypnosis show is a fun shared experience your audience will be talking about for years to come.

Omaha Hypnotist in Action...

Arthur’s talents have led him to take the stage at countless state and county fairs, corporate events, schools and private parties from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between!  

This is a high-energy, interactive and hilarious family show that is perfect for all audiences.  

The Power of the Mind!

With his high energy performance, this comedy hypnosis show is more than just a lot of laughs.

It is a real-time demonstration of what the human mind is capable of.

In Arthur’s presentation you will learn the following.

  • identify our “inner critic.”
  • put our “inner critic” to work for us!
  • realize our “slips” into the past (potential depression) or the future (potential anxiety).
  • get in the “MOMENTUM OF NOW!”
  • employ the “Wim Hof” Breathing Technique.
  • build skills while you sleep.
  • recognize and encourage the “subconscious handshake.”
  • solve for “X” and find balance!


All of Arthur’s performances are clean and classy enough for your grandparents, but intelligent enough for the national MENSA meeting!

Dates fill up quickly. Get in touch with Arthur now to bring some serious AMAZINGNESS to your event.

What Next?

Booking Arthur couldn’t be easier!

Fill out the form on the right, Arthur will get back to you AMAZINGLY quickly.

Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur
As amazing as Arthur is, he can't divine your phone number! Reach out to him now to make your event amazing!

The Amazing Arthur

With over twenty years of stage experience-Arthur has immersed himself in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, hypnosis, magic, mentalism, juggling, and speaking.

The result is a stage presentation that leaves crowds realizing how amazing each of us can be!

You can reach Arthur at [email protected] or text him at 402.597.2579