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An Amazing Library Show!

60 Minutes
Of Mind Blowing Magic

This is a high energy ineractive, comedy, magic, juggling, yoyo show that the audience will remember for years to come!

Arthur has entertained all over the country and in front of countless thousands of people-this is a refined and engaging performance with a message on the power practice, persistence and the need to READ!

Get in touch with Arthur now to make your summer library program AMAZING!


[email protected]

A Full Time Professional Family Entertainer

This isn’t Arthur’s first rodeo. In fact, this is Arthur’s 22nd year as a full time entertainer.

You aren’t hiring a part time hobbyist. Arthur is an experienced family performer. Arthur provides his own professional sound and enough material to entertain from ages 4 to 104.

In short-Arthur will AMAZE your group!

Add the "AMAZING” Factor to Your Summer

Memories are forever, but Arthur is only ROCKIN’ it at libraries this summer. Get in touch with nearby libraries to setup a mini-tour. Arthur tries to accommodate every schedule and work with your budget.

Arthur’s only concern is to make your library program an AMAZING success!

What Next?

Booking Arthur couldn’t be easier!

Fill out the form on the right, Arthur will get back to you AMAZINGLY quickly.

Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur
As amazing as Arthur is, he can't divine your phone number! Reach out to him now to make your event amazing!

Dates fill up quickly. Get in touch with Arthur now to bring some ROCKIN' AMAZINGNESS to your library.

The Amazing Arthur

A former teacher, professional stage entertainer-Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, mentalism, magic, martial arts, hypnosis, juggling, and stage presenting.

The result is a performance that can only be summed up in one word-AMAZING!

You can reach Arthur at [email protected] or text him at 402.597.2579fo