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Omaha Magician Extraordinaire!

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"4.9 Stars from 96 Reviews!"

Omaha's AMAZINGNEST Magician!

Magic in Omaha

Because his parents didn’t buy him any video game systems as a child, Arthur has honed many skills over the years.

You may witness any of the following at Arthur’s Performances-

  • sleight of hand
  • sleight of mouth
  • card throwing
  • fire
  • a fire extinguisher
  • juggling
  • yo-yo tricks
  • balloon animal(s)
  • spoons on noses
  • how to juggle 8 balls
  • “Art with Arthur”
  • the third number from the 1955 production of the Music Man done a capella. 

Omaha Magician Extraordinaire

An amazing magic show in Omaha Nebraska!

Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur brings his love of magic to stages all over the Omaha Metro Area.  Arthur has spent his life immersed in the study of magic, mentalism, hypnosis, oratory, philosophy, psychology, juggling, and martial arts to compose this one-of-a-kind high energy family magic show that your crowd will never forget!

You Will See the Audience...

Because kids play so many video games you-may witness the audience doing the  following at Arthur’s Performances.

  • stare in disbelief
  • say “WHAT?” over and over after a magic trick.
  • scratch their tilted head while staring off in the distance contemplating if the rules of the universe were just broken
  • laughing
  • clapping
  • dancing
  • singing
  • being amazed!

One of Omaha's Amazingnest Comedy Magicians!

More than just a magic show-Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur has a don’t take things to seriously style and always adds a touch of comedy.* 

Within minutes Arthur will have you lost in the moment of the shared experience and pumping your fist realizing how amazing you can be!

*comedy is subjective and can’t be quantified. 

What Next?

Booking Arthur couldn’t be easier!

Fill out the form on the right, Arthur will get back to you AMAZINGLY quickly.

Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur
As amazing as Arthur is, he can't divine your phone number! Reach out to him now to make your event amazing!

A Professional Magician in Omaha Nebraska!

This isn’t Arthur’s first rodeo. In fact, this is Arthur’s 22nd year as a full time entertainer.

You aren’t hiring a part time hobbyist. Arthur is an experienced family performer. Arthur provides his own professional sound and enough material to keep any crowd engaged.

In short-Arthur will AMAZE you.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch Magician Extraordinaire!

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is one of Arthur’s favorite venues. He has been performing at the Howl at the Moon Stage as one of several magicians for nearly 20 years!

Dates fill up quickly. Get in touch with Arthur now to bring the AMAZINGNES!

Omaha Magician The Amazing Arthur

The Amazing Arthur

A former teacher and full time speaker and entertainer-Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, hypnosis, magic, mentalism, juggling, and stage presenting.

The result is a stage presentation that leaves crowds realizing how amazing each of us can be!

You can reach Arthur at [email protected] or text him at 402.597.2579